Task Mi Authorized Distributor for WalkingPad

TASK is the Authorized Distributors for King’s Smith WalkingPad in the Middle East

TASK FZE are the sole Authorized distributors for King Smith’s WalkingPad in the Middle East Region (MEA). We are currently selling Retail in the UAE and supply products to other GCC countries. The two products we are selling is the 1. WalkingPad R1 Pro, and 2. WalkingPad R2.

After the pandemic, more people around the world are working from home spending far too much time sitting at their desks. Those who don’t want to invest in a traditional more space-occupying treadmill can try out King Smith’s WalkingPad that offers a moving belt for walking in place without the large surface decks and displays of a traditional treadmill. WalkingPad can be used for both Walking & Running up to 10 kmph and are easier to fold up for storage and can fit under a desk, offering the option to walk while using a standing desk.

Walking while working

About WalkingPad

The WalkingPad from Kingsmith is an easy device to set up and walk/run on. All WalkingPad products have two wheels in the front, and it’s easy to maneuver when it’s folded up, so you can push it around if you need to.

It has apps that will keep track of incremental steps, burnt calories, etc. The max weight of the user the device can handle is 110 KG. For more information on both WalkingPad R1 Pro and WalkingPad R2, please visit: www.walkingpad.ae 

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